Opencart 3x Module Can't Access Problem

Opencart 3x Module Can't Access Problem

You have Opencart 3x installed. If you have a module installed but you get a no permission or permission denied error when you try to access the module;

  1. System
  2. Users
  3. User Groups

In this section, by entering the user group you are connected to, you can access all; Our problem will be solved when we select and save it.

If the module you are trying to reach is loaded; and the link of the module is never in your panel; If it doesn't appear, you can check the link and apply the following operations.

You can check for index.php?route=extension/module/blog for checking. Blog module We have checked for this, you can write whatever module has a problem. You can add the following text inside the data in the  permission cell to the line belonging to the group you are connected to.


You will be able to view the page you want to reach after adding and saving our text between the authorizations in this way.

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