FPS Drop Problem in Games (FPS Drop)

FPS Drop Problem in Games (FPS Drop)

I am not able to solve my FPS drop problem with a way other than the program I will explain below, although I have tried many methods. At first, I was experiencing FPS Drop in CS:GO. In fact, it was still taking a form that; I could even tell from the FPS drop that rival players were approaching me. How to fix this from the CS:GO settings and all kinds of; Even though I tried the setting, I couldn't solve it somehow.

Later, when I encountered a similar situation in League of Legends and Valorant, I was sure that the problem was now a bottleneck. The first thing that came to mind was my processor. My RAM and GPU were high. While searching foreign forum sites, I found ThrottleStop.exe program. I am giving you the necessary settings as a picture below so that you do not experience FPS Drop. I hope it solves your problem too.

ThrottleStop.exe program already bottleneck , warming , It is a program used to fix problems such as >FPS drop. I'm just transferring the settings related to FPS Drop. If you are not an expert, other actions may damage your computer and this is your responsibility. I recommend that you do not change the settings. If you want to change it, definitely get detailed information from the forums.throttlestopblog

You just have to open the program as administrator every time the computer starts, remove the SpeedStep option first, then mark it and save it with the Save button. Changing other settings is entirely at your own risk. So you should use the program carefully.

Program HERE.

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