24 Eyl

Wamp: The configuration file contains a syntax error on line

 If you are getting errors like "The configuration file contains a syntax error on line 24: [EParseError][config]", you can follow the steps below. Open console/cmd as admin "CD C:wamp64scripts" i

17 Haz

Google Mail Multi-User POP Setup Advanced Settings

Google POP When there is more than one user in the mail, the mail downloaded in the first user is not downloaded to the next ones. This is because Google perceives the mail list as delivered and remov

26 Nis

CS:GO Bluetooth Headset No Sound Problem

You may have problems with no sound in some games with Bluetooth headphones. This is because your bluetooth headset activates the "hands-free" mode. Click the My Computer icon Click on My Bluetoot

20 Mar

SPF Error Solution in Mails / SPF Hard Fail and SPF Soft Fail

In SPF verification, your emails are constantly coming back and if you are looking for a permanent solution, you can enter DNS from your hosting management panel and enter a DNS page. Let's create a

09 Kas

Adobe After Effects Video MP4 Green Appearing Problem

The main source of Adobe After Effects Video (Mp4) green display problem is the video card. If the video card you use is for gaming, you may generally encounter such problems. If you have a Nvidia St

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